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Why We Are Doing This

All of us have strong family and professional relationships with Veterans. We are four professional Realtors and Investors who want to return the success we have obtained in a way that will help the most deserving of these benefits - our Veterans.

Our ultimate mission is to first design and build affordable basic homes for veterans where they can buy the home using their VA Loans they earned while serving or rent a home using their VASH coupons until we can financially help them purchase a home. The development we envision will have a community center, gym, kids park and dog park. Each unit will have a small yard for a pet. The community center will welcome other non -profits to assist veterans in managing life. That would include financial literacy, career development, daily living techniques in dealing with their PTS, TBI, physical needs. We care that life after the military causes’ depression, loneliness, and not being able to know who to reach out to handling life every day. From paying bills to cleaning their house, plus helping the supportive family of the veteran.

We are looking for a large funding base. We need help from large Private and Corporate businesses, Grants, and Americans or those who value that our veterans stand for America and have suffered setbacks due to the above mentioned injuries.

The Board Members of Dream Seeker Homes INC, come from various backgrounds but have Real Estate in common, to include investing, remodeling, long term rental, short term rentals and long-term care. (refer to the TEAM Tab for further background information) Karla Foltz is an Air Force Veteran and mother of a Marine and a Navy Veteran, Lea Tallo is the daughter of an Army Veteran, Tricia Manara is a wife of a Marine Vietnam Veteran and a proud Granddaughter of a recipient of the Croix de Guerre, which is the highest French Military honor in WWI , Paula (PJ) Selby is a mother of two Army veteran sons and her Father was Purple Heart Korean Army Veteran and finished his 24 year career as an Air Force veteran and is a current member and a Past Board Member VAREP. So, when talking about where their hearts were leaning too, they decided to first set it on the Veteran community and affordable owned housing and with a few rentals.

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Thanks for contacting Dream Seeker Homes Inc. If you want to help us build homes for veterans or learn more about us, please send an email. We're looking forward to hearing from you.