Karla Foltz


Karla was raised as an Airforce BRAT and took on her father’s tradition and herself is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and then worked as radio dispatch of several Police departments. For this we thank her for her service and being President of Dream Seeker Homes, INC.

President of her own REI company, Redeveloping Homes LLC Karla had a dream for the long-term goal of housing for a veteran community.

“Along the way I met Tricia, Lea and PJ. Being a part of Dream Seeker Homes INC with these ladies who I see as top of their game has helped me grow even more. All of us coming together for a common goal of providing affordable housing for vets.”

Experienced in negotiations, remodeling, design, and inventory control, with a background in heavy equipment during her service in the Air Force.

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